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Everything on the island of Lefkada (Lefkas in Lefkada) in Greece

It is located between Corfu and Ithaka Lefkada It is associated with the myth of Ulysses: (Ithaca is a few miles), the myth of Sappho to the latest Onassis and Maria Callas: They had home Skorpio, their private island just 1000 meters from Lefkada.

On the island there are public bus, but it is much better to turn in motion, car or to limit cycling. It's all for the rental and at very attractive prices for those accustomed to the prices as in Italy.

To be seen

The beaches, churches and monasteries, the agora (that is the way the market) capital of Lefkada, the villages of Agios Nikita, Creation.

There is’ also a considerable nightlife especially in Lefkada and Nidri which will affect the younger; for families there is a wide choice of attractions such as museums, playgrounds for children and more.

Yet the island is relatively little known by mass tourism and can offer an unexpected and unique experience.

To be seen:

The beaches Ag. Iannis, Katisma, Porto Katziki; the latter a little difficult to reach by land is more comfortable to go by boat from Nydri (Nidri) with a excursion that will make you visit places like Scorpio and the famousLefkas Beaches Ithaca Ulysses. To see the 360 ​​° visit the beaches in detail Beaches

The Folkoristic Museum. A traditional clothing collection, tools for weaving and fabrics. It was renovated in 2010 and it is now located next to the town square of Lefkada, not to be missed.

• Il monastero di Fanaromeni. Managed by monks here you can admire the beautiful icons inside. There is a museum inside, a store for souvenirs and a mini-zoo with animals outdoors.

• The ruins of the ancient city of Lefkada It is 2 km of the main town on the southeast coast. From the perimeter we think the ancient Lefkada was one of the largest in Greece. If you are interested in archeology a visit to the nearby Nicopolis near Preveza.

Sunset• Sunset. Since the beginning of the agora of Lefkada seafront. To see maybe sitting in a bar sipping coffee or ouzo. The colors come alive and create a unique landscape between heaven, water, boats and constructions peculiar architecture.

Other spots to watch the sunset is Agios Iannis, the beach of the mills and almost anywhere on the west coast.

Use MadeInLefkas to plan your trip. Created and maintained by an Italian. Here you will find information continuously update that will enrich your experience.

Lefkada It is surrounded by smaller islands of Meganissi, Scorpio. Scorpidi, Arcudi. Of these Meganissi It is inhabited and accessible via ferry service.

What to do

• Boat excursions. A Nidri There are operators of boats for day trips. Check around 10 and return to the 18. They visit the most beautiful corners of the surrounding islands: Scorpio (The island of the greek magnate Onassis), Itaca (The island of Ulysses), Kefalonia, etc. Not infrequently join their boats playful dolphins dart out of the water. The boats vary in quality comforts and itinerary; it is ideal to do an inspection the night before when they are moored to see them and ask for details. Keep in mind that sometimes can be deleted to sea conditions or insufficient number hikers. Prices vary.

Some links for excursions from Nidri:

www.nidristar.gr Very large and comfortable with very friendly staff.

Nidri trips
Nidri trips


Made In Lefkas raccomanda the Odyssey boat a special-looking boat with a friendly captain, barbecue ed ouzo incluso. If you are traveling with children will be memorable.

Other boat trips there by Lefkas Town (the capital city) in the North and the South Vassiliki.

Other activities of Lefkada especially for the younger ones are Watersports with concentrated structures Nidri e Vassiliki. They operate Kite Surfing LefkadaAlso teachers and schools kite Surfing for learning . If you visit the page of kiters kite Surfing

In Lefkada you can do Horseback riding : with different paths or the mountains or on the beach. Also suitable for beginners.
Also worth a mention are Nidri waterfalls, ideal to try a little refreshment in hot days, should be noted that at times, especially in summer, They may be dried.

Boat hire (license not required).

Boats for hire

There are a number of operators who rent boats for which no boat license is not required. Easy to maneuver with or without steering: the ideal way to travel by sea and visit places difficult to reach by land. Prices from about 35 approximately EUR 70 per day depending on season and boat model. In high season it is advisable to book in advance. Use Made in Lefkas for your booking for motor boats

Experience recommended to try at least one day.



Camera, swimsuit and diving mask, mosquito precautions. Coffee maker if you go with the formula because Self Catering’ hardly you find included in the studios or apartments

Lefkas is equipped with supermarkets and everything can be found on site, so if you forget something no problems! Recommended the LIDL supermarket just outside Lefkada Town southbound.

Lefkas Children

To visit the Kid's in the city shopping center Lefkas, It is an area of ​​private game ideal for young children covered. During the summer recommended Sea Gull Ligia, it is a bar with fantastic sea views.

Also visit the public park of the city’ Lefkas which is equipped with equipment for children. And in the summer on the main road in Nidri you will find a mini-amusement park with rides.

Beach ideal for children could be Ghira O Castro if there is on the North Island, Most of the beaches have shallow water with the presence of taverns and bars. Recommended if not too hot a walk in the Venetian Castle, a visit to the “mini-zoo” the monastery of Fanaromeni. From the children to try to risogalo (a sort of pudding with rice), yogurt and handcrafted prepared creams.


For teenagers take them to a aquatic center in Nidri for example cost not cheap but will be grateful. A Katisma beach there is paragliding.


Car Jeep
Car Jeep
motorcycle scooter
motorcycle scooter


Beaches and Resorts in LEFKADA (LEFKAS of LEUCADE)

Best Beaches Lefkada
– Agios Ioannis

Visit the page Lefkada Beaches who

More Beaches of”Lefkada (Lefkas Leucade)

Other villages
– LEFKADA the capital city, there are shops, nightlife, museums
– Athani A small village on the West coast
– VASSILIKI the South Island, known by windsurfers because of the quality of the wind.
– SIVOTA A beautiful harbor on the east coast
– KARIA (O KARYA) A small village in the hinterland inhabited all year round. Known for embroidery.
– Vafkeri
– POROS and MICRO GALOS with its sea of ​​beautiful colors.

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Lefkada Boats

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